Shed Exhibition at RNIB Edinburgh

I am now getting ready to take the Shed exhibition to the RNIB Gallery 12 / 14, Hillside Crescent in Edinburgh, where it will run from early December until mid-January, opening with a private viewing on the 3rd December.

If you are in Edinburgh, you are welcome to visit! Further details on the RNIB web site.
(map link).

5 thoughts on “Shed Exhibition at RNIB Edinburgh

  1. Hi I just saw your photos on the BBC website and thought they were very attractive, it’s great when you can find beauty in something considered everyday and normal like a garden shed. Plus I’ve holidayed around Dumfries and Galloway several times and they’ve just brought back some nice memories of Gatehouse! Keep up the good work!


  2. I just find your work fascinating, who would of thought a shed could become a thing of beauty.
    Good luck from a photo journalsm student who simple lives for photography.


  3. Hope your exhibition in Edinburgh is a great success!We hope to see it in January if we are in Edinburgh.Best wishes, Julie & Barney


  4. Congratulations on the exhibition Norman. It looks and sounds great. Hoping to drop by next week for a look (was going to pop into tomorrow but it’s closed..aarrgghh! :))
    Best of luck


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